I am all the love I need. I am all the hands I need. My arms are all the embrace I need. My lips are the only sweetness I need. My mouth is the song I’ve looked for. My feet the transportation I’ve needed. My mind the travel I’ve craved. My vision the light in front of me. My eyelids, closed, are the darkness that welcomes me into the sleep I’ve needed for far too long. My thighs are the mountains I’ve scaled. My kneecaps the hills I’ve ascended. My ribs the home I’ve knelt in. My smile the walls between my push and my pulling away. My frown the foundation that won’t shake. My ears open to the siren. My voice the siren when I weep. I am all I need. Anything else would be an addition. A man’s arms–I have my own embrace–would only add layers. Sometimes layers only complement layers. Sometimes layers only need to be shed. Sometimes layers are the tripwire waiting for you, and other times. Well, other times layers sit on your head, and make a nest in your hair. Sometimes you hate it, and sometimes you welcome it. But layers only add to a base that was already built.


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